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Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of the Florida SKP CO-OP. New members and repeat visits from those on the wait list bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and energy to the park!  We are very proud of our park and facilities. Even though we are called a "resort," we are really a co-op which means we all work together to maintain and run "our" park. We would like you to think of this park as your home and help take care of it as you would your own property.

You’ll want to read the documents you see in the left column.  Select the document or form by clicking on it. The first step to becoming a member of the Florida SKP CO-OP is to be a member of the national Escapees RV Club, Inc. If you are not an Escapee RV Club member, you can purchase your membership online. You will more than pay for your membership with the 25% discount you will receive on a first-time 10-day stay at our park. Go toEscapees.com to get your membership.

The next step is to read the Wait List Rules, download and complete the required form, and attach the necessary check for $525 ($25 non-refundable administration fee and $500 refundable deposit) made payable to Florida SKP Co-op.

Currently, it takes about 6 years to move up on the Wait List and get a membership and site in our park. The average buy-in is approximately $10,000 plus improvements with an average total cost of about $14,000. The annual maintenance fee includes taxes and is about $1,500 per year and adjusted annually.


What can you expect from your life at the FL SKP Co-Op?

There is an active volunteer base that is necessary for our park to be successful.  Our park was built by and is maintained by volunteers. As a CO-OP member, your involvement is expected.  Committees are the main support system of our governing body and members are always needed to serve on these committees.  Any talent or skill can be used and will help fill a need in the park.  This park was built on the talents and efforts of many willing hands.  Yours are needed too.

As in any other place, life is what you make it.  We believe that our lives are enriched and healthier by living here. The occasions for social interaction are limitless.  There is always something going on including a variety of special interest activities, breakfasts, social hours, movie nights, cards and games, informal get-togethers, dinners, sightseeing, as well as shows and shopping in surrounding communities to name just a few.

The members of the park are active citizens of the community with many volunteering at local hospitals and churches.  We participate in the local Chamber of Commerce, march in the Christmas parade, volunteer as bell ringers for the Salvation Army, and donate blood, examples of additional volunteer opportunities. According to AARP, studies show that people who volunteer 1 to 2 hours a week are healthier, live longer and are more satisfied with their lives, compared with non-volunteers.

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